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Visions and Values

Vision and Values:

Our vision and values are underpinned by our Christian ethos, each school has its own vision and values published on their website.

We aim to ensure that all our children and school communities achieve their maximum potential and are well prepared for the next stage of their lifelong learning journey both academically and personally.  Our schools are welcoming supportive communities who value every individual and promote the rights of all to have a positive experience of school developing their understanding of both Christian and British values.

Purpose of the MAST:

  • To improve outcomes for all pupils by promoting outstanding education across member schools to support and sustain high standards
  • Supporting each school in its individual vision
  • Sharing best practice to face the challenges of the future in a local context
  • Offering support to primary schools facing challenge


  • MAST will be locally based for primary schools
  • Each school maintains its own individual autonomy and therefore its distinctive ethos and character
  • All schools will recognise that MAST is underpinned by its Christian ethos and will support that ethos
  • Every school will contribute to the development and effectiveness of the trust
  • There will be an openness and honesty between schools and willingness to share data, self-evaluation and financial information
  • MAST embraces effective partnerships with other educational institutions and groups

Central Functions:

The core purpose of the MAST is to promote outstanding education for all our children in a changing educational landscape. It is essential that the strategic and operational function of the centre adds capacity to the individual schools, through:

  • supporting school improvement, by providing open and transparent evaluation and feedback
  • promoting openness and information sharing across the trust for the benefit and support of all
  • best value for money through economy of scale purchasing and procurement of services
  • ensuring that statutory and legal duties are met through:
  • financial oversight
  • auditing including commissioning internal and external audits and audit of regulatory systems
  • oversight of headteacher performance management
  • monitoring school performance and effectiveness and supporting where needed
  • up to date and fit for purpose employment related policies
  • health and safety policies and monitoring
  • maintaining up to date safeguarding policies and practice

Leadership and Governance

The structure for leadership and governance and membership of the trust are detailed in the Articles. The scheme of delegation details which functions and powers have been delegated to the board, local governing bodies, headteachers and other employees of the trust. Delegation may be varied by the board if concerns are triggered. Triggers might include: setting a deficit budget; health and safety concerns; parental complaints; poor performance/pupil achievement; large variance within the budget.

Trust Objectives 2023-24:

As MAST we have are committed to delivering an outstanding education that develops our children so that they are well placed to continue their education journey in the secondary phase and beyond, while maintaining the character and Christian ethos of our schools.

Our business action plan sets objectives which ensure that as MAST, government, public, parents and all stakeholders have confidence in our approach.

We will build their confidence in us (and succeed) by delivering:

  • effective governance at all levels, whether board of director, local governing bodies or members. All leaders will act lawfully in accordance with the Articles of Association and in the best interests of the trust. They will demonstrate inspirational leadership, effective governance and oversight, and ensure that systems and structures are embedded to provide capacity for further growth and improvement including providing best value for money through economies of scale.
  • effective school improvement, so that founder schools continue the journey from good to outstanding judgements by external agencies within the next two years. This will be achieved by improving teaching and learning so that members of our school community enhance their skills to become outstanding teachers and children make rapid progress in their learning.
  • high quality continued professional development which is matched to the needs of the school and the individuals so that across the trust there is a culture of proactive self-improvement and all staff have the right skills. We will promote the sharing of good practice from across the trust and through our partnerships with other partners.
  • rigorous and robust quality assurance, that provides clear honest and unequivocable feedback so that subsequent actions to improve are timely and impactful
  • integrated support and shared services, that secure efficient and effective business practices which minimise risk and maximise value for money.

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